MST Gift Cards – The new way to deposit at online casinos for USA players


Since the banning of online gambling in the U.S in 2006, it has been increasingly difficult for American players to find a way to deposit at online casinos.

While some casinos are still able to process American visa and mastercard credit and debit cards, the majority are not able to. To this effect, some online casinos have made a provision to accept MST Gift Cards to service their US players.


What are MST Gift Cards?


MST Gift Cards are prepaid virtual cards that work in the same way as itunes vouchers.

You will be able to buy a prepaid card from a pre-approved retailer and will receive a unique voucher number that you can redeem in the casino.


Can American players use MST Gift Cards at online casinos?


Yes, select online casinos accept MST Gift Cards.


Where do I buy a MST Gift Card?


MST Gift Cards can be purchased by signing up at the online casino you would like to play at FIRST and then contacting Customer Care who will give you a list of PRE-APPROVED MST Gift Card resellers. You can only buy MST Gift Cards from the pre-approved resellers given to you by the casino so do not buy an MST Gift card unless the casino has told you it is okay to purchase from the reseller.


What payment methods are accepted to purchase MST Gift Cards?


You can purchase MST Gift Cards using Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards.


How long does it take to process MST Gift Cards?


Once you have received your MST Gift Card voucher, you can redeem it at the cashier and your account will be credited INSTANTLY.


What denominations do the MST Gift Cards come in?


You can purchase MST Gift Cards in denominations of $20, $50, $100 and $200.

There is no limit to the number of cards you can buy.


Which online casinos accept MST Gift Cards?


MST GIft Cards are accepted at the following casinos that accept players from the USA.


1. Las Vegas USA Casino


2. SlotsPlus


3. Vegas Casino Online


4. Old Havana Casino



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