The Glass Slipper Slot now available at Bet365 and William Hill Casino – VEGAS


The Glass Slipper is everything you’d expect from a fairy tale themed slot about Cinderella. Ugly step sisters, an evil step mom, a charming prince, a mystical pumpkin, a grand old ball and ofcourse a glass slipper. And while all these elements appear in this 5 reel 20 pay line slot in one way or another in the form of bonus features or reel symbols, the fun is sucked right out of this game by how TOUGH it is. It is so darn tough to win anything on this game.


It is one tough bastard of a game. There is no other way to describe it. It is so hard to get even a small win from this game. Starting from as little as 0.20 you would think this game would give decent wins but no such luck folks, it is very high variance with an RTP of 94%.


You can give it a shot at Bet365 Casino or William Hill Casino Vegas.


The slot itself is very beautifully made, the graphics are top notch and the bonus levels all come in stunning 3D and are a joy to play if you ever get to them and frankly, the best chance you’ll get at seeing the bonus levels is by watching the bonus feature video below.


The online slot has really good features nonetheless. Unlike conventional slots, it has a super WILD feature which is triggered by a wild appearing on the 5th reel. This turns 5 random symbols on the reels into WILDs. When this happens you’ll see Cinderella jump and give a little whelp with joy (this gets a bit annoying after a while). The Glass slipper slot also features a Spring Clean bonus which is triggered by a bucket appearing on the 5th reel. Cinderella will then be taken to a dirty window she has to clean. When the player picks a dirty window, Cinderella will go and wipe it revealing a bonus amount.


The grand finale and the best feature are the magic free spins. These are triggered by getting scatter symbols on reels 1,3 and 5. Once in the free spins, if you collect a glass slipper, a pumpkin and a dress you will get to the Grand Ball Bonus. At the Grand Ball, choose dance moves for Cinderella and the Prince and for each dance move you will get a bonus.


Oh, and theres also a $100,000 jackpot that you could win. It is randomly triggered.


All in all, the Glass Slipper slot is a well designed game. Almost forgot to mention that the music is crap and gets really annoying very quickly especially when you’re not winning anything.

We would advise you to play this game just to try it out but trust me, it will not change your life in anyway and there are way better slots that will actually win you money for a nice bottle of bubbly, in the very least.





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